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Founder, radiologist, mom of two, sought to reclaim her hair's uniqueness after years of unsuccessful treatments.

This quest birthed Eh-Maaya, offering simple, effective, and clean solutions for all hair types.

Why you need a Ritual?

Why choose the Eh-Maaya Ritual?

  • Perfectly combines vitamins, proteins, and ceramides for healthy hair.
  • Deeply cleanses and nourishes your hair and scalp.
  • Protects your hair from oxidative and environmental stress.
  • Maintains your scalp's natural oils and moisture.

Midnight Potion

Oil Replacement
Intense Vitamin Complex
Nourishes & Repairs
Reduces Oxidative Stress
Promotes Hair Growth

Superlight, non-sticky oil replacement that also doubles as a serum.


Clear Clay

Exfoliation Mask
Intense Vitamin Complex
Deeply cleans & Hydrates
Improves New Cell Turnover

A mild yet potent exfoliator that deeply cleanses your scalp and hydrates your hair.


Fluidique Shampoo

Potent Yet Gentle Cleansing
Protein Complex
Effortless Cleansing
Promotes Hair Growth

Truly non-toxic cleanser in a revolutionary serum-like format.


Fluidique Conditioner

Conditions with extra love
Protein Complex
Weightless Conditioning
Promotes Hair Growth

The only non-alcoholic serum conditioner in the world.



Why do you recommend the Eh-Maaya Ritual?

The Eh-Maaya Ritual is required to ensure your hair and scalp are well nourished and healthy despite environmental conditions. The Eh-Maaya Ritual consists of Pre-Wash which is packed with vitamin-infusing botanicals and Wash products which is packed with natural proteins that are deposited into the cuticles.

I have virgin hair and I have hardly experimented with my hair; how long till I start seeing the desired results?

You will start seeing the results in 4-5 washes and continued usage will only make you fall in love with the Ritual

I have treated hair (botox, keratin, cysteine, etc.), how long till I start seeing results?

We recommend waiting until the treatment starts wearing off and you can see your original hair growing back. You can start using the Eh-Maaya Ritual after that and it would take around 8-10 washes to start seeing results. Be patient as your hair needs the extra TLC after chemical treatments.

How often do I need to use the Eh-Maaya Ritual? Also, how much quantity of product do I need to use?

You can use the Eh-Maaya Ritual as often as you like, it is completely safe, mild and free of nasties.
Quantity should be sufficient enough to cover your scalp and hair lengths in the case of conditioners. A general rule of thumb can be Rs 10 coin size of each product if you have thin and/or medium length hair (shoulder length) and a little more than that for voluminous and/or longer hair.

Eh-Maaya shampoos foam less, is it reliable for cleansing thoroughly?

Yes, you will experience a clean scalp even with less foaming shampoos. Foam is created by adding sulfates to the products, which will harm your hair and scalp in the long run. We have made a conscious call not to include any of these in our formulations.

Does each hair type have a different Eh-Maaya Ritual?

Yes, different hair types have different struggles and goals. We have kept the same 4 products in each of our Eh-Maaya Rituals but the ingredients are unique for each hair type. There are 3 main hair types - Straight, Wavy and Curly. If you are confused about your hair type, check out our guide here.

What are the ingredients used?

Natures love along with mild ingredients do the magic. Its like "Going Back to Our Roots" as our founder says. See our ingredient's list (CLICK HERE)

Can I use both, the Clear Clay and the Midnight Potion?

Yes, you can. However, it is recommended to either use the Clear Clay or the Midnight Potion. Midnight Potion is to be used overnight for repair and nourishment. While Clear Clay is more intense for nourishment and repair. However, if you have very little time on hand and still want some nourishment. The Clear Clay helps you just there. You can apply it 2 hours before your shower to nourish your hair.

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