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Fact or Fiction: Plucking One Grey Hair Leads to More Grey Hair!

Fact or Fiction: Plucking One Grey Hair Leads to More Grey Hair!

Read till the end and find out.


Does plucking grey hair leads to more grey hair?

That’s A Myth!
Plucking grey hair won’t lead to more grey hair as the action of plucking or the consequence after it doesn’t affect the surrounding hair.
Why: because greying of hair happens only when a follicle’s pigment cells die.

So, isn’t it okay for me to pluck grey hair?

While plucking grey hair will get rid of that hair temporarily, it is important to remember that the hair follicle is still alive. This means another grey strand will grow through that follicle and replace the hair which was pulled out.

Why must you never pluck grey hair?

If you repeatedly pluck grey hair, it will-

  • Traumatise, scar, and damage the hair follicle, resulting in no hair growth from that follicle.
  • Infecting the follicle which will form a pustule, creating irreversible premature hair loss in that area.

Let’s get to know a little bit more about premature greying!

1. What Vitamin deficiencies cause premature grey hair?

Vitamin deficiencies are first visible in the form of greying of hair or hair breakage and hair loss. The number one reason for premature greying of hair is the deficiency of certain vitamins. Mostly this is due to vitamin B-12 deficiency but there are other vitamin deficiencies like vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-29, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E which cause premature greying of hair. It is important to know that it is reversible. Eating a balanced meal and taking supplements to have a good balance of these vitamins can stop hair fall and also prevent and reverse premature greying.

2. What mineral deficiencies cause premature grey hair?

Lack of essential minerals in the body like zinc, calcium, copper and iron can cause their deficiency leading to premature greying. By getting the required dose of these minerals, through foods or supplements, can reverse and prevent the progression of premature greying of hair.

3. What are the other causes of premature greying?

Genetics, stress, smoking, poor sleep, irregular thyroid function, and chemical hair dyes, and colours can also cause premature greying.

4. How can I reduce grey hair naturally?

Superfood ingredients like Rosemary, Coconut Water, Brahmi, Aloe vera, Amla, and more can not only prevent premature greying but also repair damaged hair due to premature greying. If you want to know more about the causes and preventions of premature greying, read this blog. Don’t forget to try the Eh-Maaya Clear Clay which is powered by these superfood ingredients and has helped many reverse their premature greying. It is best paired with the Midnight Potion as together this duo makes for the perfect pre-wash nourishment for your hair and scalp. You can get a 15% off till the end of this month!

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